Jan 13 2019

2019 Summer Season Information

Welcome to Brisbane & Districts Eight Ball Association Summer Season 2019!

We wish all our players an enjoyable season, and all teams the best of luck! In order to make our season more enjoyable and run smoothly for everyone, we have put together some main points below:

Member’s registration is $25 per player, to be paid before your 3rd night of play. Anyone who pays this for the Summer Season will not need to pay this again for the Winter Season. Please refer to By-laws for penalties for playing unregistered players.

Team Fees are $40 per fixture. Payment must be deposited by the Friday of each week of play. Please refer to By-laws for penalties for late payment. For those setting up recurring payments, remember that some weeks may have more than one fixture.

Captains are responsible for the collection and banking of money from players in their team.

Online banking is our preferred method of payment.

Account Name: Brisbane & Districts Eight Ball Association Inc.
BSB: 124 001 (Bank of Queensland)
Account No: 2066 3578
Reference: Your team name

Teams playing out of Q-Masters pay $16 for table hire. This is paid directly to Q-Masters each night when hosting a home game. Lights will be turned on 7pm or when the payment is made, if payment is after 7pm.

Teams playing in Q-Masters are to keep all other tables not in use free of cues and other items, as these tables are for hire to other Q-Masters customers.

We ask that passageways are kept clear in Q-Masters, in particular the area around the back bar, so that staff can move freely in and out of the bar.

We are now using Live Scoring to record the scores of our matches. We hope that all teams will get behind this initiative, so that we can see the benefits such as quicker posting of results, and a reduced margin of errors in published results.

  • Captains will have received Team PINs via email for Live Scoring
  • Scores are input and finalised on the following link: ls.poolstat.net.au
  • The Home Captain inputs the scores and finalises the result, and the Home Team receives a bonus frame point on the ladder for doing so.
  • The Away Captain finalises the scores, and the Away team receives a bonus frame point on the ladder for doing so.
  • The bonus frame point is applied to the team overall frame difference, but will not impact match scores
  • Progress of live scored matches can be viewed here: lsview.poolstat.net.au
  • We recommend that you keep a paper copy of the scores, but there is no need to send this in, unless you were unable to use livescoring for whatever reason, or if requested to do so by the committee.
  • Live scores cannot be input or finalised after 4am following the fixture.
  • Lives scores can only be input on scheduled date of fixtures, unless you arrange with the committee to have the match rescheduled in PoolStat.
  • Please visit www.poolstat.net.au to catch up on the latest results.

Competition balls must be used in all matches, where available. These balls are supplied in Q-Masters, but other venues may have different balls. Where this is the case, if either team makes competition balls available on the night, these must be used.

Dress regulations apply for all fixtures. Please refer to By-laws.

On this website,  you will find all the information and resources you will need for the season, including Rules of play (World Rules), By-laws, Score sheets, and Calendar of events.

The player rankings can be found at the following location: brisbane8ball.com.au/rankings.

The 40 second clock will be used for all of our fixtures, so that we are aligned with national, state and zone events. If the clock was not being used during a fixture, anybody has the right to insist that the clock be used. There are no grounds to object to anybody exercising this right.

Committee contact details:

President Tracey Wessling 0413 513 215
Vice President Chris Hogan 0450 504 110
Secretary Daryl Fitzpatrick 0417 606 146
Treasurer/Registrar Mark McAleer 0433 721 620

Above all, enjoy yourselves and

Play Well Play Fair