By-Laws as of 18th February 2018


1 Rules of Play.

2 By-laws.

2.1 Meetings.

2.2 Dress Code.

2.3 Player Conduct.

2.4 Commencement of Matches.

2.5 Match Play.

2.6 Disputes.

2.7 Unregistered Players.

2.8 Results.

2.9 Playing Fees.

2.10 Scoring System.

2.11 Master Breaks.

2.12 Best and Fairest.

2.13 Restrictions and Provisions (Ranking).

2.14 General

2.15 Finals.

2.17 Prizes and Trophies.

2.18 Representative Teams.

2.19 Member Subsidies.

1 Rules of Play  

1.1 The official rules of the World Eight Ball Federation are used by the Brisbane and Districts Eight Ball Association Incorporated for competition and match play.

1.2 Anyone wishing to change or dispute any of the World Rules may do so at a meeting of the Queensland Eight Ball Federation.

2 By-laws

Please read these By-Laws carefully. Ignorance of these By-Laws does not constitute grounds for appeal. Breaches of the By-Laws will incur penalties at the discretion of the Management Committee.

2.1 Meetings

2.1.1 Committee Meetings and General Meetings will be held as per the rules of the association. Details of these can be found in the Constitution of Brisbane & Districts 8 Ball Association Incorporated.

2.1.2 In addition to these meetings, from time to time, the management committee may call a captain’s meeting.

2.1.3 The Captain of each team or a delegate from that team MUST attend a captain’s meeting when notified. The team will receive a 2 point team reward in the current season.

2.1.4 All Meetings will be conducted in accordance with the Association’s Constitution and in a civil and responsible manner. Any member causing a disturbance may be ejected and Penalties imposed.

2.2 Dress Code

2.2.1 A collared shirt & shoes are to be worn at all times at Association venues. No singlets or thongs. Other clothing should be neat and tidy.

2.2.2 The opposing Captain may refuse any incorrectly dressed player permission to play.

2.2.3 Players should make themselves aware of any specific dress codes required at any host venue and comply with those requirements.

2.2.4. For all Finals, collared shirt, black slacks and black shoes must be worn. Any player not meeting these requirements may be refused permission to play, unless prior arrangements have been made with both captains’ agreement and committee approval.

2.3 Player Conduct

2.3.1 It is the responsibility of each and every player to maintain a good relationship with the Management of the venues, visitors, and other patrons for the continued success of the Association’s competition.

2.3.2 The games are to be played in a sportsman-like manner at all times.

2.3.3 Team Captains have a limited responsibility for the discipline and conduct of their team members.

2.3.4 Team Captains are responsible for reporting any incidents likely to reflect on the good name of the Association. All relevant incidents are to be reported to, as soon as possible following the incident to a member of the Management Committee.

2.3.5 All members are bound by the AEBF Member Protection Policy. Where the Management Committee become aware of any possible breaches of this policy, these breaches will be investigated, and disciplinary proceedings initiated where appropriate.

2.3.6 Bad language, violence of any kind, or abuse will not be tolerated.

2.3.7 Penalties and suspensions may be imposed at the discretion of the Management Committee. Members may be held responsible for costs and/or damages. The Queensland Federation may be advised to act in extreme cases.

2.3.8 The Management Committee has the right to terminate a player’s membership in the event of a serious breach of conduct or continuous “bad behaviour” as per the AEBF Member Protection Policy.

2.4 Commencement of Matches

2.4.1 It is the Home team’s responsibility to ensure that the tables at the venue are suitable for play. Captains should actively seek the assistance of their venue’s management, or failing that, the assistance of the Management Committee to resolve issues.

2.4.2 Table size should be 7′ x 3’6” and as clean and level as possible. At least one spider and bridge should be supplied.

2.4.3 If a team is not financial, the opposing team must take a team forfeit win of 3/nil.

2.4.4 If both teams are not financial games will not be taken into account.

2.4.5 Individual points for players in un-financial teams will not be awarded.

2.4.6 All non-financial teams will incur a team penalty. (Refer also to 2.9.5)

2.4.7 The Treasurer will advise teams prior to play if their opposing team is not financial.

2.5 Match Play

2.5.1 All games should commence by 7.00pm and in any event no later than 7.20pm.

2.5.2 Alterations to start times and dates can only apply with prior agreement between opposing Captains and in any event a committee member must be informed.

2.5.3 Each team shall supply a referee for each match. One referee keeps time and the other oversees the game. Both referees have equal rights to call fouls as the game continues. Unless otherwise agreed.

2.5.4 Games should be played in good spirit and contrived results will not be tolerated.

2.5.5 Match referees may impose shot penalties, or loss of game penalties, at their discretion for bad language, bad behaviour or unsportsmanlike conduct in keeping with the World Eight Ball Federation Rules.

2.5.6 If a team forfeits, both teams must still pay team fees for the forfeited fixture.

2.5.7 The team forfeited to will be awarded a 12-0 frame win, and must still submit a score sheet with 4 player’s names to avail of these frame points. Individuals in the team forfeited to will be awarded individual frame points based on their rank. No bonus points will be awarded. Frame points are awarded as follows:

Rank Frames Awarded
1 0
2, 3 1
4, 5, 6 2
7, 8 3
9 4

2.5.8 A committee member must be advised of any start time for un-scheduled games and finals.

2.5.9 The venue Manager has full power to stop play at closing time. Points will be awarded on completed frames only. The use of 2 tables, if possible, will alleviate this problem.

2.6 Disputes

2.6.1 All disputes are to be resolved by the match referees at the time of occurrence and their decision will be final. Captains may be invited to discuss the dispute at the discretion of the match referees; however, involvement without the referee’s invitation is not permitted.

2.6.2 Any unresolved disputes should be referred verbally to a committee member within 24 hours of the occurrence.

2.6.3 All disputes are to be in writing to the Committee and only those will be considered. The committee’s decision will be final.

2.6.4 Appeals against Management Committee decisions are to be in writing to the Queensland Federation. Your Association Committee will not be party to any dispute of their decisions, and dissent will be referred to the Queensland Federation.

2.7 Unregistered Players

2.7.1 A register of financial members is kept by the Treasurer. Registration fees are payable before your third match is played.

2.7.2 Any team wishing to register a player during the season may do so, but registration fees must be paid prior to that player’s third match.

2.7.3 Disputes regarding a player’s eligibility should be addressed in the first instance to the Treasurer.

2.7.4 Any team playing an unregistered player will forfeit that player’s points up to and including that night. Repeated offences may result in penalties at the discretion of the Management Committee.

2.8 Results

2.8.1 At the completion of the nights play captains shall check score sheets and sign them when the scores have been verified as correct.

2.8.2 If there are discrepancies or disputes, do not sign the score sheets and bring the matter to attention of the Management Committee.

2.8.3 Match results will stand unless varied or altered by the application of the Associations By-Laws or by a Committee decision.

2.8.4 Score sheets once signed must not be altered in any way.

2.8.5 Score sheets must be received via fax by no later than 5.00pm Friday the week of play. Failure to do so or late score sheets will result in 5 game points (being off for & against) penalty. 2nd offence:-loss of 1 match point. 3rd & more offences:-2 match points.

2.8.6 Originals of disputed score sheets must be posted not faxed to the Registrar.

2.8.7 It is the responsibility of each Captain to fax their team’s score sheet.

2.9 Playing Fees

2.9.1 Each team will be liable for Team Fees for each night of scheduled play (except Finals).

2.9.2 It is the captains (or allocated persons) responsibility to collect players fees.

2.9.3 Team fees are to be deposited into the Association’s bank account by close of business on the Friday of the week of play.

2.9.4 It is the responsibility of each player to ensure that their team fees are paid.

2.9.5 Failure to deposit the team fees by the due time will result in a 5 game point (being off for and against) penalty, 2nd offence: – loss of 1 match point. 3rd & more offences: – 2 match points. If a team is 3 weeks in arrears they will be declared un-financial. Their next opposing team will be notified and if monies aren’t paid before their match, their opposing team will be given a forfeit win.

2.9.6 Non-payment will result in the team being disqualified and all lawful means will be used to recover unpaid monies.

2.9.7 All players registered with the declared un-financial team will lose their status as registered players until that player’s portion of the funds are recovered. (Unless they were the person allocated to do the banking on behalf of the team in which case the full outstanding amount will need to be recovered).

2.9.8 If a team wishes to withdraw from competition they must advise the committee two weeks prior to withdrawal, otherwise team fees will still be required to be deposited. Registered players’ from withdrawn teams may play with other teams subject to the Committee’s approval.

2.9.9 Players from a disqualified team may play with another team once all outstanding monies are recovered, subject to Committee approval.

2.10 Scoring System

2.10.1 One point will be allocated for each frame won.

2.10.2 If a player wins all four games on a night the player will be awarded a 1 bonus point which will not count toward the final score on the night.

2.10.3 If a player completes a master break the player will be awarded 1 individual point which does not count toward the final score on the night.

2.10.4 Any individual player can only receive a maximum of 7 points per night.

2.10.5 The first player in each grade to reach 30 points and 60 points will be eligible for a cash prize to be paid on presentation night. In a tie situation percentage will be used to distinguish.

2.10.6 In the event of a tie cash prizes will be divided equally.

2.10.7 Team points will be awarded as follows:

  • Outright win – 3 points
  • Draw – 2 points
  • Outright loss – 1 point
  • Forfeit – 0 pts

2.10.8 In the event of a tie for any quarter or semi-final position the frames for and against will determine the team positions.

2.10.9 Bonus points and Master break points do not count in finals for team or individual results.

2.11 Master Breaks

2.11.1 DEFINITION: When a player pots all of his/her group of balls, and the black, in the first shot of a match, without having been given a penalty shot he/she shall be deemed to have completed a master break.

2.11.2 The player with the most master breaks, from any grade, during the season will be eligible for a trophy.

2.11.3 Notification of master breaks must be verified by both captains and recorded in the space provided on the score sheet.

2.11.4 A player making two master breaks on the same night will be eligible for a cash prize payable on presentation night.

2.12 Best and Fairest

2.12.1 Captains are required to nominate a Best & Fairest player from the opposing team for each night’s play.

2.12.2 The nominated players name is to be entered in the space provided on the score sheet.

2.12.3 Prizes will be awarded in all grades for the players with the most votes at the presentation night.

2.12.4 Disqualification or censure for inappropriate behaviour will rule a player ineligible.

2.13 Restrictions and Provisions (Ranking)

2.13.1 Players will be ranked 1 to 9 based on their percentage of frames won in the previous 2 years of league play in the association. The ranks are based on the following percentages:

  • 1 – <= 15%
  • 2 – > 15% and <= 25%
  • 3 – > 25% and <= 35%
  • 4 – > 35% and <= 45%
  • 5 – > 45% and <= 55%
  • 6 – > 55% and <= 65%
  • 7 – > 65% and <= 75%
  • 8 – > 75% and <= 85%
  • 9 – > 85%

2.13.2 Any player who played multiple grades over the previous 2 years will have a rank derived on the combined percentages, based on a 20% differential over the grades.

2.13.3 The Maximum points for any given round must not exceed 20. If the points in a round exceed 20, then any frames putting the points beyond 20 in each round will be forfeited and awarded to the opponent.

2.13.4 Any player may choose to play a higher grade, and may move up more than one grade.

2.13.5 Players playing a grade other than previous grade of play will have their ranking based on a frames percentage of 20% less for each grade above their previous grade, or 20% more if they play down a grade.

2.13.6 Players who move up a grade may be registered as their previous grade for the current year, provided their ranking in the new grade is not more than 4. If a player chooses to remain in the higher grade for the following year, then they will be re-graded as the higher grade.

2.13.7 A player who moved up a grade and achieves a rank of 5 or more in the new grade must remain in the higher grade.

2.13.8 Players ranked a 4 or less in their current grade may play down a grade in a new season.

2.13.9 No player may move down more than one grade.

2.13.10 Any player ranked 8 or more in B or C Grade must move up a grade.

2.13.11 New players must be ranked by the committee prior to them being allowed to play. The committee will manually rank a new player based on any information that can be gathered, such as performance in other associations.

2.13.12 Any players who were manually ranked will have their ranking reviewed at the end of the current season, which may result in a change of ranking in the middle of the year, between seasons.

2.13.13 A new player who plays in a fixture prior to being ranked by the committee will have a default rank of 6.

2.13.14 The Committee reserves the right to rank players based on their individual experience and previous levels of play.

2.13.15 A fill in player cannot already be involved with another fixture from the same grade on that night.

2.14 General

2.14.1 Juniors may play in any grade according to their ability, provided they are accompanied by a responsible adult. Their registration fee will be charged at 50%.

2.14.2 Any player wishing to drop from a higher grade to a lower grade may apply in writing to the Management Committee.

2.14.3 Any visiting player from interstate or overseas, who can provide proof of residency and membership of an appropriate association, may be granted Honorary Temporary Membership and play at the committee’s discretion.

2.14.4 The Committee reserves the right to grade players individually before the season commences.

2.15 Finals

2.15.1 Placing of the top teams will be determined by the following factors in order:

  • Match points
  • Frames for and against
  • Head to head match results
  • Head to head frame score
  • Head to head versus other teams, starting from highest placed opposition team, and working down until the tie is broken.

2.15.1 The top 4 teams in each division shall play out a finals series.

2.15.2 The teams finishing 1st and 2nd will play in Semi Final 1, with 1st as home team.

2.15.3 The teams finishing 3rd and 4th will play in Semi Final 2, with 3rd as home team.

2.15.4 The winner of Semi Final 1 will go directly to the Grand Final as the home team.

2.15.5 The loser of Semi Final 1 will play in the Preliminary Final as the home team.

2.15.5 The winner of Semi Final 2 will play in the Preliminary Final as the away team.

2.15.6 The loser of Semi Final 2 will finish in 4th place.

2.15.7 The loser of the Preliminary Final will finish in 3rd place.

2.15.8 The winner of Preliminary Final will play in the Grand Final as the away team.

2.15.9 All Finals will be played at a venue decided by the committee.

2.15.10 Bonus points and Master Break Points will not be awarded during finals.

2.15.11 All Grand Finals shall have neutral referees where possible.

2.15.12 The Management Committee is responsible for organising the finals series.

2.15.13 All other playing rules and By-Laws apply to the finals series.

2.15.14 This format may be altered if less than 7 or more than 12 teams contest the Home and Away games.

2.15.15 Dress Code players should refer to 2.2.

2.15.16 The Finals series will be Best of 3.

2.15.17 In the event of a draw in any match of the finals series the captains will select 3 players each to play in a 3 Man Shootout played as a single frame shootout. The home team shall hold break the first and third frames.

2.15.18 For a player to be eligible to play in the Finals that player must be a Registered member and must have played at least 16 Frames for the team that season, Unless exceptional circumstances arise, in which case application can be made in writing to the committee.

2.17 Prizes and Trophies

2.17.1 The allocation of funds for cash prizes and trophies will be made by the Management Committee. The funds allocated depend on the number of teams participating and sponsorship raised. Members will be advised at the earliest opportunity possible

2.17.2 All prize Money will be payable at Presentation Night unless prior arrangements have been made and approved by the Management Committee.

2.17.3 Currently the prize pool for teams in each season is a percentage of the total match fees collected over the season. The total pool for each grade is as follows:

  • A Grade – 42%
  • B Grade – 36%
  • C Grade – 30%

2.17.4 Where there are 4 teams in the finals, the prize pool is distributed as follows:

  • 1st – 40%
  • 2nd – 30%
  • 3rd – 20%
  • 4th – 10%

2.17.5 The amounts above may be adjusted for rounding purposes.

2.18 Representative Teams

Each year, Brisbane & Districts enter teams into major events. Regular events include City vs Country, Q-Cup, Country Cup, but this may change from time to time. The teams entered by Brisbane & Districts are referred to hereafter as representative teams. Trial events may be held for those wishing to play on representative teams.

2.18.1 To be eligible to trial for a representative team, a player must:

  1. Be financially registered prior to the trial
  2. Have played at least 16 frames in the current season (If these have not been played prior to the trial, then they must be completed after the trial by two weeks prior to the submission of team nominations by Brisbane & Districts to the organising body.)

Exceptional circumstances may be considered by the management committee, where an application is made in writing to the committee.

Any player who qualifies, but fails to meet all eligibility criteria will forfeit their position to the next eligible player from the trial event.

2.18.2 No player can trial for a team for which they are ineligible are per the rules of the organising body for that event.

2.19 Member Subsidies

2.19.1 Players registered in the current season AND EITHER

  1. Played in both the previous two seasons OR
  2. Has not played in a B&D season in the last two years;

Will be entitled to 100% of any event subsidy as determined by the management committee for that event. All other subsidised players will be entitled 50% of the event subsidy.